20160722_153530I have always been fascinated by texture and touch. From the feel or running a silk scarf through my fingers to stroking the marks made by rope. It seemed only natural that I would become enthralled by the deliberate marks made by floggers, whips and canes as well as the delicate, sensual interlude offered by rabbit fur.

More than this I found myself attracted to the patterns woven into implements of pleasure by the artists who painfully plaited and wove them into objects of fear and desire. I say ‘painful’ because each device causes the creator pain; pain in making it as the leather has to be carefully cut, stretched and tightened until their fingers ache. Painful because I know that it is going to leave me and find a new home. But then the ┬ápleasure comes in knowing that two people are going to feel joy from it. This is the true reward.


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