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One of the greatest gifts you can give  to someone is knowledge. Leather craft is as old as history itself and its techniques and secrets have been passed down through the generations.

I consider myself very lucky as I have been blessed with meeting and spending time  learning some of those techniques and skills from a man that I consider the best living whip maker on the planet – Viper from Texas, but also two very talented, skillful and innovative whip makers from the Netherlands, Zjuuluke and 7th Sin.

What binds these people together is not only their love of their craft but their generosity to share that knowledge with me. A true craftsman never stops learning and is forever evolving. I love nothing more than to try new methods and materials to find how they can give different sensations.

My handles and whips are made from kangaroo hide from Tasmania unless other wise stated. Kangaroo leather is a strong light weight leather and has a unique structure that allows it to be cut down to very thin substance and still maintain its strength which is so important for making whips as you need both strength, flexibility and durability.

My falls and dragon tails are made from various types of hides and this is listed in the description. As much as the aesthetics are important. When buying your product knowing what type of sensation you wish to achieve is also a priority. From the  wider falls of a dense hide like elk, deerskin and bull  to give you that heaviness and thud, to the thinner falls of calf and suede that will give you that whip and sting.

To the exotic and the unusual, plaited and knotted braids for those who like a little extra in their strokes.

I also enjoy a challenge, When a customer is looking for a product that is very personal to them. There is something very satisfying to take their ideas and bring them to life. Just drop me a line and i can see if together we can create what you are looking for.